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Time to get FINE and loose weight with Rasheeda’s powerful and effective 21 day workout program. In just 21 days lose weight, tone up and feel rejuvenated using an easy to follow training calendar that incorporate video workouts designed and created by Rasheeda for the busy women on the go.

No need to spend hours at the gym. Each daily workout is under 40 minutes and can be done in your home, outside or bring it to the gym. All you need is your connected computer, phone or tablet.

The video workouts are designed to help you turn your body into the fit machine you know you it can be and the 21 day results are guaranteed. After one week of workouts you will start to see and feel the results. After 21 days you will be looking FINE!

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Rasheeda’s 4 video workouts suitable for all fitness levels.
Printable workout calendar that Rasheeda has personally put together for you!
One time purchase of $14.99 – NO recurring fees!

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